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Why Blue Cruise ?

Why Blue Cruise holiday in Turkey?

“When I experience something really nice, I wish to share this experience with as many people as possible and most of all, I wish that everybody should try, what I tried. This is how I feel about Blue Cruising in Turkey. It is an unforgettable, idyllic way to experience the calm, crystal clear, turquoise waters and the rich history and culture of the Aegean and Mediterranean Sea”.

A Blue Cruise—also known as a Blue Voyage or a Gület Cruise—is a unique way to explore the scenic antiquities, villages, and ports of the Aegean and Mediterranean Seas, along the coastline and islands of Asia Minor.  Your cruise adventure will take place on a private gület, a traditional Turkish wooden sail and motor yacht with modern comforts that will allow access to treasures not typically accessible by land. The hospitality and pampering are unparalleled—like being on a fully-equipped floating boutique hotel, with a dedicated captain, crew, and delicious meals provided by your own personal onboard chef.

A Blue Cruise holiday in Turkey is full of sense impression.  Some of the unique things about a Gület Charter is that all age groups love the onboard experience. The fact that a comparatively small area which a gület makes up is the common haunt for the whole group throughout the holiday, provides a unique space for connection, bonding, and peace.  Even though the area of a gület is relatively bounded, there is space for everybody and one quickly finds a rhythm, where the meals on the quarterdeck is the given meeting point.

Something amazing happens with children on board a Blue Cruise. They become calm and present and have enough in life with the here and now, maybe because we adults become the same.  Most of us have enough enjoying the surroundings, swimming and playing in the turquoise-coloured sea, reading the book we did not find time to read at home or having nice conversations with our family or friends that we do not experience enough of in our daily life.

The meals on board a Gulet is definitely one of the highlights. The Turkish cuisine is one of the best in the world, and I have yet to meet a chef on board a Gulet who doesn’t  honour this categorisation.

Some times we are many generations gathered on board and, despite our common wish to be together, we have different wishes and expectations for a holiday. For some its enough to enjoy life on board, others want to explore some of the many historic sights a long the coast, do some shopping or maybe even visit the throbbing night life in one of the coast cities. All this is possible without disturbing the peaceful rythm on board. All Gulet's have a dinghy that serves as a “taxi”, if we want to experience adventures of one or another kind.

The Turkish Mediterranean and Aegean Sea is mostly calm and friendly and there are possibilities for both short and long cruises depending on the purpose of the holiday. Most common is a 7 day cruise with a route where you sail between 2 and 4 hours a day and have 1 or 2 stops, the last stop overnight, often  being an anchor in one of the many small idyllic bays. Mostly we make a rough sketch of the route before departure but there is always room for small changes depending on the mood or weather conditions, although at the times where we have visited the Greek islands, it has been necessary to plan the trip in detail due to the sailing hours and custom declarations that need to be done beforehand.

The slide show on this page shows pictures from my father’s 65th birthday, which was celebrated on board one of Turkeys many beautiful Gülets. We were 18 people onboard between the ages of 7 and 70 and we all agreed that we should meet again on a Gulet as soon as possible.

Gülets vary in terms of luxury, capacity, layout and services. We can help you choose the perfect yacht for your cruise based on your taste, budget, group make-up and size, cruise length and preferred amenities. All age groups are welcome on board. Whether traveling with friends or as a family, you will find Blue Cruising to be a rare opportunity to spend quality time together and return to your routines rested, connected and rejuvenated.

I am looking forward to welcoming you on one of our carefully-chosen Gülets.

Happy Cruising!

Stine Nielsen
Owner www.bodrumboatrental.com, a part of Bodrum Residence.