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One fun and exciting way for both adults and children to enjoy the Aegean and Mediterranean Sea, its underwater life as well as its beautiful coastline and unique vistas, is to experience one or more of the huge selection of watersports possible directly from your boat as well as from your en route destination ports. Having your own Gület gives you access to explore sites only possible by boat. And the calm water makes it easier for beginners to learn new skills in a safe and secluded environment. Do what your heat desires. Jump into the sea daily with your mask and snorkel and be captivated by the underwater world or be daring and lift off with a planned parasail and enjoy panoramic, breathtaking views of the sea and neighboring islands. Regardless of what and how much you do, you are sure to create unforgettable memories with your friends and family.

Here are the most popular watersports that we can arrange depending on the boat and itinerary

• Canoeing
• Scuba Diving
• Jet Skiing
• Para Sailing
• Para Gliding
• Snorkeling
• Surfing/Wind Surfing
• Water Skiing

Note: Not all activities are appropriate for all ages and fitness levels. Please let us know in advance of watersport activities you wish to use so we can guide you and pre-arrange where possible.