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Sanne Bastholm Rasmussen
We spent our holiday in the Göcek bay on a so-called Turkish Gület, called Prenses Lila. The Gület offered room for 18 persons in beautiful cabins, service-minded crew and a wonderful deck for leisure, drinks, waterskiing, work-out, hanging out, dinner, sports, sleeping etc. The holiday was arranged by Stine Nielsen, who had planned the menu with the chef at Prenses Lila. We had fantastic Turkish/Mediterranean healthy food throughout the day. The cruise also offered a hike into the mountains, sightseeings in Fethiye and Dalyan. All together this is the perfect way of luxurious relaxing in privacy with family and good friends. You have it all to yourself. It was a fantastic cruise and even in October the weather is lovely. It was not the last time for us. Claus Rasmussen and Sanne Bastholm Rasmussen, DK, Cruise, Prenses Lila, October 2015

Lotte Mejl
Thank you Stine Nielsen for planning the most fantastic holiday for us.
We spent a lovely sunny week in october 2015 cruising the Göcek Bay on the beautiful boat, Prenses Lila. The food was awsome, the crew very nice and effective. If you wanted action there were plenty of possibilities (waterskiing, kayak paddling, swimming, diving etc.) But you could also relax enjoying the sun, read a book or chat over a drink on the vast deck. During the cruise there were stops with hiking, shopping and sightseeing.
This is in fact the most perfect way to spent time with your family and friends in total privacy. We are sure to be back.
Mogens Christiansen & Lotte Mejl. Bodrum, Turkey.

Claus Roager Olsen
Had one of the best weeks EVER ♥

We are a family with 2 audults and 2 children (12 and 16 years old) - we enjoy a full week - we had time for deep conversations, reading books, fishing, scooerdiving, eating and just relaxing - FANTASTIC!

Can highly recommend a boat trip in the beautiful area around Bodrum :-)