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Adventure & Exploration

Adventure & Exploration

A Blue Cruise is a once in a lifetime opportunity to adventure and explore the rich cultural and natural history of the Aegean Civilization, it’s breathtaking coastline, crystal clear waters, the islands, villages and anchorages that are not accessible by land.

Surrender to your wanderlust and let it drive you to your planned or unplanned destination! From walking, hiking, biking, scuba diving, touring on a bus, or river-boating amongst other options to witness and uncover the archaeological and natural wonders and layers of history of the Aegean and Mediterranean Islands-dating back to the Bronze Age, to taking a scary (but safe and tandem) plunge on a paraglider over Ölüdeniz (Fethiye) for your exclusive sky tour of one of the most photographed beaches on the planet, a Gület cruise is definitely an affair to remember!

Prepare to be awestruck as you tour the antiquities on your itinerary, learning about the crossroads of history, how advanced and inter-connected the older civilizations were. Surrendering to the old, turn your focus on the present moment, on how the old history fuses into the new---the rich culture of the area that remains and is reflected in its people, their perspectives, their distinct architecture, food, clothes, arts, and crafts.

You will find each island and village to be distinct, some traditional while others modern, yet a common thread runs through them. Your Blue Cruise offers you a unique vantage point to wander, inquire and make that discovery while creating unforgettable memories and experiences that will want you returning to this paradisiacal abode.